PC-Sim: PLC simulator

PC-Sim is the AW-SYS module that simulates programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

An excellent tool when teaching how to program a PLC. When run on a personal computer, it enables the user:

to display the PLC, which is graphically displayed in a window on the screen;
to write user program in graphic or text format using the most popular and specific languages such as Ladder and AWL (Instruction List)
to define symbols that may be included in a program instead of absolute operands, hence making your work easier
to verify the written program using software simulated switches, buttons and status LEDs
to patch the program using powerful on-line debug tools included in program editors
to display a continuous update of program variables status and/or current value.

In addition, as a result of the integration between modules, PC-Sim may also be used to control PL-Sim simulated applications or, by means of PL-RIS module, the currently available laboratory equipment.

PC-Sim is capable of simulating the following PLCs:

Festo mod. FPC 404
Klöckner Moeller mod. PS3
Siemens mod. S5 100U

The following is a short description of the elements which are shared by the three simulators. Specific details are included in the sub-sections where each simulator is described.

Variable Status

Variable Status window

The Variable Status window displays the status and/or the value of all the PLC variables when the CPU is in STOP or RUN mode. Any input, output, memory, counter, timer variable status may be known by simply entering its code or symbol into the table. The table content will be real-time updated according to program processing results and field signal variations.
Any variable status and/or value may also be set manually by the user.

Symbol table

Symbol Table window

The Symbol Table window allows the programmer to identify proper matching between absolute operands and symbols. As soon as this matching is defined, the programmer will be able to use the latter rather than the former, thereby making the code more legible.
The relevant pairs are entered into a table, and all entry are PC-Sim controlled for correct syntax and univocal meaning. A description of the operand may also be entered for each pair. Add and remove functions for single or multiple lines are also available.

Project information

Project information window

This window enables information regarding the current project to be retrieved or entered. Specific fields contain the project file name and the PC-Sim version which was used to implement it. The user may fill in the other fields by entering the name of the specific exercise, his name, etc.
These details will all be printed out with the project documentation, representing a valid reference for data archive and identification.