Automatic gate

gatesim enThe top section of the window shows the animated setting of the front entrance to a house. The gate, equipped with open/close limit switches, photocell, electrical motor and flashing light is in the foreground.
The bottom section of the window shows the remote control unit with open/close push buttons; the electrical panel terminal strip to connect the unit’s components to PLC inputs and outputs; manual operation push buttons, etc.
The terminal strip is divided into two sections: input signals are on the left; output signals are on the right. Each has a green status LED; a LED ON status indicates that an input has been energised or an output has been enabled.
The last two yellow LED, when blinking, indicate that one of the two motor overload cut-out relays, either magnetic or thermal, has tripped.
The flashing beacon does not have an independent operational circuit. In other words, it is always operational when power supply is applied. With additional training, the user will be able to implement the flashing circuit using an appropriate PLC programming sequence.

The manual operation push buttons allow the gate to be operated manually but do not fall within the scope of automation, i.e. should not be connected to PLC.

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