Educational PLCs/Applications Simulator Software package

Autoware presents AW-SYS, a system that enables a personal computer to be converted into a virtual automation laboratory. When run on a personal computer in Windows® environment, the AW-SYS software and hardware combination is capable of simulating the most popular PLCs used in school and applications of high educational standard. AW-SYS is designed primarily for use by people involved in teaching industrial automation:

Technical and Training Schools, teaching  Electronics, Electrotechnics, Mechanics and Computer Science
Technical Training Schools

Setting up an efficient, functional and flexible laboratory while minimising costs and logistic budgets, represents a major problem for these schools. As a matter of fact, implementing an automation exercise involves setting up work posts which include a complete PLC with a development system (which often runs on a personal computer), and one or more panels for the simulation of the relevant applications. Economical and logistic obligations become apparent when more than one exercise is required. Frequently, the use of models for the simulation of a real production process turns out to be almost impracticable. The use of AW-SYS simulator software as a virtual automation laboratory has many practical advantages:

less requirements for setting up a laboratory, that may be easily organised in a standard Computer Science classroom
lab flexibility, with personal computers being used for other tasks
cost reduction in comparison with standard arrangements

Creating, at educational level:

a higher perceptive and attentive response
a quick study/exercise
high motivation
a stage-testable, individualised teaching/learning process
immediate display and verification of the work performed.

Overall Arrangement

AW-SYS is designed on a modular basis for convenient use that meets the various teachers’ educational requirements. AW-SYS includes the following integrated software and hardware modules:

PC-Sim: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Simulator
PL-Sim: Application Simulator