PL-Sim: application simulator

PL-Sim is the AW-SYS module that simulates plant process and allows a large number of exercises to be carried out .

PL-Sim applications, of high educational standard, provide an alternative or integration to simulation stands. The user is then confronted with various automation problems that often may not be reproduced by using ordinary laboratory equipment.

PL-Sim processes may either be driven by PC-Sim simulated PLCs or by any commercially available laboratory PLC via the PC-RIS module. By using PC-RIS, they may also be driven by microprocessor systems, microcontroller systems, electronic cards or hardwired logic control panels.

The following systems are available:

  • Electropneumatics 1: electropneumatic control panel, including 3 double-acting cylinders and 5/2 double solenoid valves.
  • Electropneumatics 2: electropneumatic control panel, including 3 double-acting cylinders and 5/2 single solenoid valves.
  • Electropneumatics 3: electropneumatic control panel, including 3 single-acting cylinders and 3/2 single solenoid valves.
  • Automatic gate: motorised gate, complete with motor controls, flashing warning light, limit switches, photocell and remote control unit.
  • Fluid tank level gauge: a tank complete with run and low/high level sensors, inlet/outlet valves, low/high level indicator light and warning siren, level trend recorder.
  • Conveyor systems: industrial system incorporating two conveyors, proximity switches and three-phase reversing motors.
  • Lift: passenger lift, serving four floors, equipped with photocells, weight sensor, call/floor selector buttons, light indicators.
  • Fluid batch mixing tank: industrial system for producing compounds by mixing and heating two or more fluids.
  • Intersection traffic light: two-way traffic light system. Capability to operate on automatic, manual and overnight mode.

All included in AW-SYS standard package.